Cookie and Privacy Policy

During a visit to MYPZ, we collect information about your visit behavior on our website. This information is used to improve the user experience. In this way MYPZ can better evaluate its website, thereby optimizing marketing and user-friendliness.
If you want to know what information we collect and in what way, what we do with this information, who has access to your information and how you obtain additional information about our cookies and privacy policy, you can read it here.
All information mentioned in this disclaimer is gathered within the framework of current EU legislation: GDPR General Data Protection Regulation, or the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU.

This means that MYPZ automatically receives data regarding the IP address of the device you use and which different pages you visit. Subscriptions to one or more of MYPZ’s newsletters are also stored, which increases the ease of use.
Related to this, MYPZ uses analysis tools, including Google Analytics. These tools collect data and statistics that can help MYPZ to make the website and services more user-friendly and customer-friendly in order to optimize the customer experience again.

MYPZ collects visitor information in several ways:
Via Cookies – MYPZ collects cookies when you visit MYPZ. Examples of cookies are the IP address of the device used, the country from which the website is viewed, which products and categories you view, which words you search for, and which links you click.
Via purchases – Hereby MYPZ receives information about your place of residence (demographic data), your e-mail address, information about (the content of) your order (such as quantity, price and brand / product type) and payment method. Any e-mail traffic regarding order confirmations, shipping confirmations or e-mails regarding return and reimbursement are also stored by MYPZ.
Via Measurements – These provide insight into the level of interest of the user. Hereby MYPZ receives information about the frequency and duration of the user’s viewing of the website and the various subpages of MYPZ, newsletters and other communication.
Via voluntary information provision – Via information provided by the user to MYPZ, for example via uploading photos with the products offered by MYPZ, or giving a rating / rating to one or more products, MYPZ can also collect data.

Collecting user information has a number of purposes:
Duty – Only with the help of customer data can MYPZ fulfill the service obligation towards the customer, in the form of sending purchases, invoices and performing services by MYPZ customer service.
Customer service – The customer service needs access to customer information – in the form of a telephone number and / or e-mail address – so that a solution can be offered for questions, comments, missing information, errors and the like.
Marketing – To make the MYPZ website and related marketing-related services as relevant, optimal as possible for the user in terms of ease of use and friendliness. A better view of (individual) customer preferences also ensures a better user experience – see also the paragraph below.
User experience – Related to the above purpose, the acquisition of customer information can improve the user’s experience through development and implementation of (new) personalized services and functions. MYPZ can also be better managed, maintained and secured using the information. Insight into how the website is used can be used to detect ineffectiveness on the website and to optimize it. Finally, statistics provide insight and understanding of customer preferences.
Security – Information about and insight into the use of the MYPZ website reduces the risk of fraud and other risks.
Legislation – MYPZ complies with the law with the collection of information.

Reporting and profiling
User profiles can be constructed based on customer data. This is a combination of information, as mentioned under the methods of information collection. This information collection can be used to personalize the information, services and marketing services offered to you, to the preferences of the user.

How long will my data be stored?
In general, we do not store your data longer than necessary for the purpose for which we collected your data. After this we delete or anonymize this data. Anonymizing means that we ensure that data can no longer be traced back to you. Sometimes we still need certain data for another purpose. If that is the case, we have a basis for this and we will ensure that this data is only accessible for that purpose. After that we will of course anonymize or delete your data.

7 years
This retention period applies to the following categories:
● Obligation to keep accounting and administration
● Tax documentation and reports on deliveries of goods, imported and exported goods and other relevant data
● Payment overview / invoices
● Orders, proof of delivery of orders

What is a cookie?
Almost all websites use cookies. These are text files that are stored on your computer, in your browser, when you visit MYPZ. The next time you visit MYPZ, the cookie is recognized, making the website work better and faster. Cookies thereby help improve the user-friendliness of the website – and help MYPZ to analyze the user-friendliness. Cookies are often necessary for the functioning of certain services on a website. A cookie itself contains no personal information, but contains information about the user’s settings and the way in which the website is viewed and used.

The use of cookies by MYPZ has different purposes:
Visitor information – MYPZ collects information, with every visit to the website, to improve the customer experience and satisfaction. This allows MYPZ to improve services such as marketing.
Relevance of services – Gathering information regarding user behavior can improve communication regarding the products and services offered and shown. In various cases this can lead to the sending of a service e-mail. This includes the reminder e-mail that MYPZ automatically sends when the user has placed products in the shopping basket, and then leaves the website – and does not complete the purchase. If you do not want to receive e-mails from MYPZ, you can contact MYPZ customer service at any time
Saving history – By saving your data, MYPZ knows who you are and how you have used the MYPZ website before. During a future visit to the website from the same device, changes may have been made to the website as a result of previous visits, again to promote user-friendliness. Consider the products previously placed in the basket, which, when you visit the website again, are automatically placed in the basket again if they have not been actively removed from the shopping basket by the user.
Analysis tools and statistics – Google Analytics is used to analyze statistics related to the use of MYPZ. This can lead to a better user experience. Demographic data and personal data provide insight into the various visitors of MYPZ, and can lead to the display of more personalized content. See also the purposes of obtaining user information above.
Cookies from third parties – MYPZ can also use cookies from third parties. These cookies are used to be able to analyze – with the help of Google Analytics – your behavior on and use of MYPZ in relation to other websites you visit. Information collected, for example, contains information about the duration of your stay on the various websites. You can unsubscribe from Google Analytics via:


Collaborations with third parties:
To gather information and improve services, MYPZ works with third parties, such as Facebook, Youtube and Google, to optimize advertising. You will only see relevant information. If you do not wish this, you can choose to delete the MYPZ cookie in your browser.
MYPZ also contains parts from third parties. These ensure that these third parties, such as Facebook or Google, can obtain information regarding, for example, your IP address and the pages you visit on the MYPZ website. The link ensures that navigation between different services and sources can be facilitated. MYPZ is not liable for the control of the way in which this information is handled by third parties. For this, reference is made to the third party in question.
Certain cookies are important for the correct functioning of MYPZ, such as the cookies that are stored with regard to (the content of) your shopping basket.
Blocking cookies:
Cookies can be blocked if you do not wish to receive them. Cookies that are already present on your computer can also be deleted. It is also preferable to enable a notification to be made at all times, before a cookie is stored. It is recommended that you first read the cookie policy carefully before changing any settings, since changing the settings can have consequences for the functioning of MYPZ and other websites – which affects user-friendliness and user experience. Possibly, various functions will not work, or will not work optimally, when switching off or not accepting cookies.

Contact regarding personal data:
If you have any questions, comments or objections regarding the retention of personal data, you can contact customer service via You have the right to see which information is stored by MYPZ, and you can also object to the storage / registration of this data under the Personal Data Protection Act / EU legislation on General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR . If the objection is submitted in a correct manner, MYPZ has the option of modifying or deleting your personal data, without violating the regulations.
If special technical adjustments are necessary, if the request has an impact on third-party personal data, or if it causes very inconvenient or impractical work to change / delete personal data, the request can be refused. For questions, MYPZ refers to customer service via
Complaints regarding the treatment of information and personal data must be submitted to the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens.


Protection of personal data:
The law requires that your personal data is stored in a secure manner and that the information remains confidential at all times. For this reason, MYPZ uses particularly well-protected servers, the security of which is regularly subject to control. This ensures that the security with regard to user information can be guaranteed. However, MYPZ cannot provide a watertight guarantee that information and data sent via the internet are 100% secure at all times, since there is always – and remains – the risk that unauthorized persons can gain unauthorized access to electronic information stored on the internet. Sending personal data is therefore at your own risk. The removal or anonymization of personal data means that the objective of gathering information is terminated.
Due to the fact that the internet is subject to change, changes with regard to the use of personal data may be necessary. This gives MYPZ the right to adjust the guidelines regarding the use of personal information. Should substantial changes be necessary, the user will be informed of the changes at all times via an information provision on the MYPZ website.
You can contact MYPZ: